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Sunday, August 28, 2016

                                Last week of summer vacation!  

Our school gardens are looking great and are ready for the return of students and teachers.  Last week, we were also excited to see new sod being installed - all of the sudden the school yard is green again and there will be so much more space for everyone to run and play now that so many portables have been removed.

Here are some pictures showing you the progress of the gardens:

Pumpkins are growing well! 

Happy Harvest Pickers!  Thank you :)
The first major crop of tomatoes - unfortunately many more were overripe and had to be composted but these little guys are going to be pureed and made into a spaghetti sauce for some of the students to enjoy!

Pureeing the first batch of tomatoes.  They will be frozen in batches until we have enough to make a yummy spaghetti sauce.



The kale and lettuce just keeps on going!

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