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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beginning of week 5 of summer vacation - our school garden is growing well!

It's the already the beginning of week 5 of summer vacation and our school garden is moving along well.  We've had some troubles with the water source not working correctly. This, along with the fact that we have been having fantastic sunny weather this summer, has meant that the crops are not getting the much needed water they need to thrive even more. The tomatoes are most affected so far. 

So today, we headed over to the fire station and asked the amazing fire fighters if they wouldn't mind bringing one of their trucks over to water our gardens.  And guess what!  They said yes!  So now, a full truck load of water has sprinkled our gardens and the plants will be happier until hopefully the water source can be fixed.  Thank you so much to the crew at Barrhaven Fire Station #47!  We are so grateful!  

The kale and lettuce have grown another crop so those were harvested today along with about 20 cucumbers.  We will again drop these off for donation to Parkdale Food Centre.   There are a ton more baby cucumbers coming; along with lots of pumpkins, potatoes and onions that will await the return of everyone to school.  

Thanks again for all the volunteers that are continuing to make this project such a success.  

More food to be donated to Parkdale Food Centre - Kale, Lettuce and Cucumbers this time!

Baby pumpkins are starting to grow


Tons of Cucumbers!



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