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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

First crops are ready before school is out!

With just one full day left at school, I am happy that some of the early crops that we planted with the students just 5 weeks ago are already ready!  

Today, I harvested all the radishes (thanks to some of the Grade 5 and 6's for your help in planting them!) and cut the first batch of kale (thanks to Mrs. Smith's Grade 1 students for your help in planting them!).  All the crops (three big bags!) were left in the teacher staff room and hopefully some students will get to take a taste test in their classes before leaving for the summer.  
Radishes are harvested!  Many of them are huge!
First crop of kale harvested!

Kale plants cut down and ready for new growth

We again planted potatoes this year.  Since I am not too experienced with how these grow, I decided to do a little experiment.  I had been told that covering up the greens of the potato plants with additional soil allows potatoes to continue to grow on top of each other.  So today, using just one corner of the potato garden, I mounded up soil over 9 potato plants.  We'll see if that little corner yields more potatoes compared to the potatoes that are not covered.   

Carrots, onions, lettuce and beets are all growing well.  All the rest of the crops will be ready for the students when they are back in the fall.  



Happy summer break to everyone! Check back here throughout the summer to see how the garden is growing while you are away!

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