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Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 26, 2016

Yesterday, Mme Gauthier’s JKSK class and Mme Nicoletti 4B’s class partnered together to plant some lettuce (la laitue), kale (le chou) and spinach (les épinards).  The Grade 4s helped to pull all the weeds that had popped up since the volunteers prepared all the beds. They now understand what the expression, “growing like a weed” means!

IMG_20160525_1119297.jpgThe grade 4s learned that there is important  information on the seed packets, such as the spacing of the seeds during planting and the  the appropriate depth to plant the seeds.  They made many connections to our Science unit on Habitats and Communities, about a living organism needing enough space to survive!

The Gr 4 leaders were grouped with the JKSKs and once the beds were ready, they planted the seeds.
The JKSKs got right in there and dug into the dirt to plant their seeds.  The Grade 4s watered the seeds after planting and a group of students returned to water them again today with Mme Nicoletti and Mr. Collen.

Thank you parents for the wonderful tools we received to assist us in our planting! We can’t wait to see our plants grow!


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